Updating about the cancelled Performance due to the Coronavirus Emergency


Update  on 26/05/2021 ore 17:11






Due to a new communication of Italia SIAE, we inform you that we have activated the process to ask for the ticket refunding for the following events:


Opera | Don Giovanni – Season 2020/21 – scheduled from 12 to 20 February 2021

Ballet | Cenerentola– Season 2020/21 – scheduled from 27 February to 3 March 2021

Opera | Il Turco in Italia - Season 2020/21 - scheduled from 13 to 26 March 2021
Concert | Gabriele Ferro - Season 2020/21 - scheduled on  20 March 2021

Concert | Dan Ettinger - Season 2020/21 - scheduled on  31 March 2021
Concert | Sir John Eliot Gardiner / Monteverdi Choir Baroque soloists Season 2021 - scheduled on 6 April 2021
Opera | Salome - Season 2020/21 -  scheduled from 11 to 20 April 2021
Concert | Gala Belcanto Jessica Pratt - Season 2021 -  scheduled on 16 April 2021
Opera | Madama Butterfly  - Season 2020/21 - scheduled from 30 April to 13 May 2021
Concert | Riccardo Muti - Wiener Philarmoniker - Season 2020/21 - scheduled on 9 May 2021
Concert | Sarah Chang / Lera Auerbach - Season 2020/21 - scheduled on 16 May 2021
Opera |  L'Elisir d'amore  - Season 2020/21 - scheduled from 23 to 31 July 2021
Concert | Daniel Barenboim - West Eastern Divan Orchestra - Season 2020/21-scheduled on 22 and 28 July 2021

Opera | Les Pecheurs de Perles - Season 2020/21 - scheduled from 12 to  25 September 2021

Concert | Gala Elina Garanca - Season 2020/21 - scheduled on 3 October 2021
Opera | My fair lady - Season 2020/21 - scheduled from14 to 24 October 2021

Dance | Balchine Night - Season 2020/21 - scheduled from 30 October to  3 November 2021

Concert | Neeme Jarvi - Season 2020/21 - scheduled on 6 November 2021


Ticket owners can ask for the refunding in the following ways:


ONLINE PURCHASE – www.teatrosancarlo.it/www.vivaticket.it

For this kind of purchase, please fill the refunding request form available on the website www.vivaticket.it (link: https://shop.vivaticket.com/eng/rimborso). The refunding will be on the credit card or Paypal account used for the payment.



For this kind of purchase, you can reach Teatro di San Carlo Ticket Office in person during the regular opening hours (every day from 10 to 14) or you can fill the refunding request form available on the website www.teatrosancarlo.it (link: https://www.teatrosancarlo.it/en/rimborsi). Otherwise, you can contact our Ticket Office by phone at 0817972331/421 or by email at the address biglietteria@teatrosancarlo.it. For this kind of purchase, refunding will be by bank transfer.


For this kind of purchase, please contact your retailer and ask for the refunding. Terms and conditions are available on the website www.vivaticket.it (link: https://shop.vivaticket.com/eng/annulli).










In compliance of the more recent regulations approved by the Italian Government, Spectators can ask for the refunding of the cancelled performances due to the Covid-19 Emergency. They will receive in return a voucher of the same value of the paid amount that can be used within 36 months from the outprint. You can find more information about the procedure, please click here: https://voucher.vivaticket.com/vivaforvoucher/promoterevent



Live performances are a shared experience, and our audiences are at the heart of what we do on our stages, backstage, online and in our communities.

The engaging power of Music and Theatre is a fundamental element of our social life. We warmly thank all the spectators who have made us feel their support.


Coronavirus Pandemic has affected all arts organizations all over the world. Your support is then now more important than ever to let us support the future of Opera, Dance and Concerts.


Please consider to support Teatro di San Carlo today. Please consider to donate your Voucher Covid19 to support  the future of Opera, Dance and Concert live performances and benefit from the tax credit of the ArtBonus. To make your donation, please click here.



How to request your Voucher

Voucher requests should be made ONLINE clicking on the following link:




To ask for the voucher you must be registered on the Vivaticket.it portal. For online purchases on Vivaticket.it portal, requests can be made only by the purchaser.  Once you are logged onto the portal, you can proceed with the voucher request.


To complete the request correctly, it is necessary to have with you your ticket, your season ticket or the receipt of the onlile purchase you have made. You should use also one of the following identification data:

  • - Transaction or Receipt code on single ticket or season ticket standard Vivaticket, or on the confirmation e-mails and in the online receipts
  • - SIAE Code on single ticket or season ticket
  • - Barcode, if present on single ticket or season ticket


Furthermore, if you have tickets or Print@home tickets you must upload on the platform also the clearly readable scan or photo of each ticket (.pdf or .jpg format). If the readability of the scan or photograph is nt appropriate, the request will not to be considered valid.


In case of problems or technical difficulties with this procedure, you can send an email to the address: hdvoucher@vivaticket.com



Frequently Asked Question


1) Who can fill the voucher request? The owner of a ticket (both single ticket and season ticket) for events cancelled in the period between 8 March and 30 September 2020 and between 24 October 2020 and 31 January 2021 due to the emergency COVID-19. Tickets can have been bought online (on the Vivaticket.it sales portal), in a Vivaticket point of sale or at the Teatro di San Carlo Ticket Office.

2) How can I use the voucher? The issued voucher can be spent, within one year from the date of issue, on the Vivaticket.it portal for the purchase of events offered for sale by Teatro di San Carlo. It can be used for purchases until the value of the voucher is reached or for purchases of higher amount, to partially cover the cost. Starting from 1 September 2020 it will also be possible to use the voucher credit at the Teatro di San Carlo Box Office or at the Group Office (Ufficio Gruppi Vivaticket - gruppi@vivaticket.com).


3) Is there a deadline to fill the voucher request? The request of the voucher should be sent within:

- June, 18th 2020,  for the events planned until May, 19th and then cancelled

- Within 30 days after the announcement of the cancellation,  for the other events

4) When will I receive my voucher and when will I be able to use it? Within 30 days from the voucher request date, valid requests will automatically converted into Digital Vouchers linked to the Vivaticket user who made the application, which can be immediately spent on the portal Vivaticket.it on new events of Teatro di San Carlo. Starting from 1 September 2020 it will also be possible to use the voucher credit at the Teatro di San Carlo Box Office or at the Group Office (Ufficio Gruppi Vivaticket - gruppi@vivaticket.com).

5) Is it possible to cancel the voucher request? Once sent, the voucher request can no longer be cancelled.



6) For which events can I already fill the voucher request? This is the new list of events for which it is already possible to ask for the voucher:




Expired events


  • / November, 4th  2020: Tribute to a Saverio Mercadante (Deadline, December, 5th 2020)
  •  November, from 8th to November 11th 2020: Concerto  conducted by Riccardo Muti (Deadline, December, 5th 2020)
  • / November, 18th 2020: Recital : Jean Yves Thibaudet (Deadline, December, 5th 2020)
  • /December, from 4th to 17th 2020 (subscriptions): La Bohème (Deadline, December, 23rd 2020)
    / December, from 4th to 12th 2020: 7 Deaths of Maria Callas (Deadline, December, 23rd 2020)
  • / December, 18th and 19th 2020: Christmas Concert (Deadline, December, 23rd 2020)
  • / from December, 23rd 2020 to January, 3rd 2021: The Nutcracker (Deadline, December, 23rd 2020)

    / January, 8th 2021: Concert conducted by Juraj Valčuha (Deadline, February, 7th 2021)

     / January, from 16th to 24th  2021 (subscriptions):  Rigoletto  (Deadline, February, 7th 2021)

    / January, 20th 2021: Concert Evgeny Kissin  / Radu Paponiu (Deadline, February, 7th 2021)


  • / March, 10th and 11st 2020: Winter Journey
  • / March, 14th and 15th 2020: Concert conducted by Juraj Valčuha
  • / March, 24th 2020:  Concert of the Budapest Festival Orchestra conducted by Ivan Fischer
  • / March, from 27th to April, 5th 2020: Die Zauberflöte (The magic flute)
  • / April, 6th 2020: Akademie für alte Musik - RIAS Kammerchor
  • / April, from 17th to 19th 2020: Amadè
  • / April, 22nd 2020: Concert conducted by Juraj Valčuha
  • / April, 27th 2020: David Fray / Orchestra Giovanile "Luigi Cherubini"
  • / May, from 3rd to 8th 2020: L'Amour des Trois Oranges
    / May, 10th 2020: Concert conducted by James Feddeck
    / May, from 14th to 17th 2020: La Serva Padrona
  • / May, from 24th to 29th 2020: I Puritani
  • / June, from 5th to 7th 2020:  Il Maestro di Cappella
  • / June, 15th 2020: Joyce Di Donato/ Il Pomo d'Oro
  • / June, from 19th to 28th 2020: Aida
  • / June, 26th 2020: Josep Pons / Leticia Moreno
  • / July, from 12th to 24th 2020: Carmen
  • / July, from 18th to 26th 2020: La Rondine
  • /  July, from 31st to August, 2nd 2020: Come un respiro - Bolero
  • / September, from 17th to 27th 2020: Die lustige Witwe (The merry Widow)

7) I have already made a request for a refunding voucher through the form available on this website (www.teatrosancarlo.it) or on the Vivaticket.it portal. Is it valid? Requests for the refunding-voucher sent between March, 8th and April, 20th will be converted into Vouchers directly by our Offices. The voucher will be sent by email at the addresses given during the registration. In case of problems or difficulties, we will reach you at the same email addresses given during the registration.



Teatro di San Carlo warmly thanks all the Spectators who have decided not to ask for the ticket refunding after the cancellation of the scheduled performances during this Covid-19 Emergency. This is a great sign of support in this terrible crisis that is affecting all our lives. Thank you!

Teatro di San Carlo thanks Spectators for their support and understanding






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