at Teatro di San Carlo - Streaming is on date
April Subscription - Streaming
from 02 April 2021 to 15 May 2021

Streaming Subscription


The subscription will let you to buy all the events scheduled for this month for 4.99€. With this subscription you can access contents of the Month with no limits from the first day of availability until the end of the month. And, of course, you can re-watch them - within the end of the availability - whenever and all the times you want! To use your subscription and access our events, please click on the following link: and insert your code and email address. Contents will be available from the first day of scheduling until the end of the month. The date on the purchased ticket shows the expiration date of your subscription. After this deadline, the subscription cannot be used anymore, even if purchased contents have not been watched. The subscription is not valid for accesses via Facebook.


In April 2021, you can see:

> Concert / EASTER CONCERT | PETITE MESSE SOLENNELLE - available from 2/4/2021

> Ballet / DIVERTISSEMENT- available from dal 23/4/2021 

> Concert/  CONCERT DAN ETTINGER - available from 30/4/2021 







Subscription for 3 events

€ 4,99




Available from 30th March



Subscription includes the three events of the month available for 4.99€ . The subscription gives you unlimited access to the available contents from the first day of streaming and until the end of the month. Within the same period, you can always re-watch all the contents for all the times and at any time you want. The subscription is available only on the platform. Subscriptions can be purchased within the last day of availability of the streamed contents.

After the period of availability on stream, contents will be available on demand on the website