Guided Tours at San Carlo Theatre


From Monday to Saturday (except for holidays) vistors can have a guided tour to the theatre main hall, the boxes, the Royal box and the two Foyers. You can complete the tour including the MeMUS, the Multimedia Museum of Teatro San Carlo, buying an extra ticket.
Booking is warmly recommended. Guided Tours basic languages are Italian and English. Other languages are available upon request.


From Monday to Sunday
Morning:   10:30; 11.30; 12:30
Afternoon: 14,30; 15:30; 16:30
Guided Tours to San Carlo Theatre last 45 min.
Tours to MeMUS last 40 minutes. We remind you that MeMUS in August is closed.








(San Carlo Theatre only)

 € 7

€ 5

€ 3


(MeMUS only)

€ 6

€ 5

€ 3

*groups of at least 25 members, people under30/over 60.


To visit both the sites, the ticket for MeMUS is available for 3 euros.

Notice: We remind our visitors that San Carlo is mainly a theatre. Guided Tours can go through variations according to the everyday activity of the theatre (rehearsals and other activities...). In August the booking service is suspended. Visitors can buy tickets directly at the entrance.
Information and booking
T: +39 081 7972 412