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PERFORMANCE CANCELLED L' Amour des Trois Oranges (The love of three oranges)
from 03 May 2020 to 08 May 2020

/ Opera


from 3 to 8 May 2020




Sergej Sergeevič Prokof'ev



Conductor| Juraj Valčuha

Stage Director| Alessandro Talevi - revival by Danilo Rubeca

Set Design | Justin Arienti

Costume Design | Manuel Pedretti

Lighting Design | Giuseppe Calabrò




King of Flowers | Goran Juric

Prince Tartaglia, his son | Bogdan Volkov

Leandro, prime minister| Mario Cassi

Princess Clarice, King's niece | Julia Gertseva 

Pantalone, the king's advisor | Leonardo Galeazzi

Truffaldino, the court jester | François Piolino

Tchelio, a magician | Roberto Abbondanza

Fata Morgana, a witch | Svetlana Sozdateleva

Smeraldina, Fata Morgana's servant | Marina Comparato

Creonta, Cooker and giant custodian of the three oranges | Donald Thomson

Farfarello, a demon | to be defined 

Linetta | Francesca Paola Geretto

Nicoletta | Chiara Tirotta

Ninetta, princess of the oranges | Hasmik Torosyan

Herald | Laurence Meikle

Master of Ceremonies | Andrea Giovannini 

The Ridiculous | Daniele Adriani, Graziano Dallavalle, Lorenzo Izzo, Luciano Leoni, Daniele Lettieri, Enrico Marrucci, Nicola Pamio, Pietro Picone,  Alessio Verna


Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro di San Carlo


Production of Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino



Sunday 3 May 2020, h 19.00 - Series A
Tuesday 5 May 2020, h 20.00 - Series C/D
Thursday 7 May 2020, h 18.00 - Series B
Friday 8 May 2020, h 20.00 - Series F

Sung in French with Italian and English surtitles

Duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes with intermission


Known as the Cossack of the future generation, Sergej Prokofiev had the intention of trying again to conquer the American theatres with his gifts as an aggressive and virtuoso pianist. Yet if the ability of the executor fascinated the public, his composition qualities did not find the favour of overseas audiences, afraid of a possible contagion of ‘anarchic-Bolshevik’ subversion. The director of the Chicago opera, the Italian Cleofonte Campanini, was the one who had the courage to commission the young Prokofiev for a new opera which added to the masks (and to the parodies of the Gozzi’s Commedia Dell’Arte) the choices of the playwright and the avant-garde artist Vsevolod Mejerchol'd. With his mix of fairy tale, satire and comedy, ‘L’amore delle tre melarance’ perfectly represents the theatrical direction of Prokofiev, addressed “against the naturalism and the routine of the great ‘epigoni’ of the pre-revolutionary theatre”. The smirk and the parody of the 19th century melodramatic conventions are the leitmotiv of this opera in a boundless whirlwind of musical inventions, where the orchestra plays a fundamental role.

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