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Il Turco in Italia- streaming
from 19 March 2021 to 31 March 2021

Julie Fuchs / © ph. Sylvie Bessou Die Frau


/ Opera in streaming


Gioachino Rossini /


Opera buffa in two acts

Libretto by Felice Romani



Conductor | Carlo Montanaro*

Master of the Chorus | Gea Garatti Ansini





Selim | Marko Mimica

Donna Fiorilla | Julie Fuchs*

Don Narciso | Ruzil Gatin*

Don Geronio | Paolo Bordogna

Prosdocimo |  Alessandro Luongo 

Zaida | Gaia Petrone

Albazar | Filippo Adami


*debut at Teatro di San Carlo


Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro di San Carlo


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Recorded live on 27 February 2021


Available online from
19.03.2021 at 20h00 CET

Available online until
31.03.2021 at 23:59 CET






Running time: about 2 hours and 10 minutes

Rossini presented Il Turco in Italia, his Oriental touch, in 1814 at La Scala in Milan, following the success of the Italian in Algiers, introduced the year before in Venice. It was a comic play by Felice Romani. In this precociously mature score, we can foresee the fruits of his creative itinerary going from farce to comic opera. It is a typical plot based on disguise and misunderstanding. The libretto tells the story of Selim, a Turkish man, contended by two women, Donna Fiorilla, the wife of Don Geronio, a very tolerant a fearful man, and Zaida, an ex-slave betrothed to Selim. Zaida will succeed with her cunning to re-establish the natural order of the couples. The relation between Naples and this work becomes apparent since the very beginning of the opera, when the Turks land on the city shores where the entire story takes place (later Neapolitan playwright, Mario Scarpetta will set his comedy Il Turco Napoletano in Sorrento, which will become a famous movie starring Totò in 1953). Moreover, in 1815, one year after his success in Milan, Barbaja, the impresario, invited Rossini to move to Naples as director of Teatro di San Carlo. He will fulfill the role for the next seven years and finally in 1820 the opera was performed on the Neapolitan stage. It returns now to Teatro di San Carlo after its revival in 2004, which was welcomed and cherished by our audience.


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