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Support Teatro di San Carlo means supporting one of the most important and prestigious cultural institution in the World: an Opera House that has been operating for almost 300 years to widespread and promote, as a sort of centuries-old guardian, an heritage made up of  Arts and Tradition.For 2012/2013 Season we have a 50 titles program, for 300 performance days, both in Naples and abroad; about 300 highly skilled people among permanent Orchestra, Choir, Ballet and Technicians that have passed on, for generations, a knowledge made up of experience and talent; the 200 years-old Ballet School (the most ancient in Italy); a Singing "factory" for young singers and the recently opened Vigliena Arts&Crafts Laboratories: These are Teatro di San Carlo's numbers.
You can decide to give your contribution, too, entering the big family of Teatro di San Carlo supporters. And you can decide to do that right now, for the amount you consider worthwhile. It is your own choice. Then it is free.

How to contribute

Joining one of the San Carlo Membership programs (Carta Oro, Carta Oro Internazionale, Carta Platino)

Bank Transfer out to
Fondazione Teatro di San Carlo Unicredit Spa 
IBAN: IT 33 Z 02008 03443 000010229179 

Bank Cheque to
 Fondazione Teatro di San Carlo

Cash money for less than 
€ 999,00



Fiscal treatment for donations

PRIVATE PEOPLE.The donation is deductable for the 19% of its amount from the pre-tax gross income and in any case till a total amount of € 2.065,83 (art. 15, comma 1; lettera i-bis del D.P.R. n. 917/1986).
COMPANIES. The donation is deductable for the 10% of its amount from the pre-tax gross income and in any case till a total amount of € 70.000,00 (art. 14, d.l. 35/05 convertito in Legge 80/05); as an alternative, the donation is fiscally deductable from the declared  gross - income for the 2% of its amount (art. 10, comma 1, lettera g del D.P.R. 917/1986).


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